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An Integrated Neurotech Platform

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Oscillo Biosciences innovates through equal parts science and technology. Our science is based in tested, proven principles. Our technology platform is secure, cloud-native and mobile-first, and we build it using agile, UX-driven practices.

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Why Music?

  • Music provides a unique access point in the brain. Areas of the brain linked to musical memory are relatively preserved in people with dementia.

  • Music alone stimulates the brain in the frequency associated with therapeutic benefit, activating memory, emotion and reward centers.

  • Listening to music can cause a release of dopamine in the brain, enhancing neuroplastic pathways.

  • The inherent enjoyability of music will encourage patient compliance.

  • Music has a universal appeal that transcends language, economics, religion and education.
  • Familiar music, in particular, is deeply rooted in our conscious and unconscious brains, giving it the ability to awaken memories.

  • Listening to music has no unwanted side effects.

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Putting the User Experience First


By applying best practices from the world of software development to the designs of our devices and digital therapeutics, we are able to continuously innovate in an agile, iterative manner that puts the user experience first. The result: an end-to-end digital therapeutic platform designed to create experiences for patients that are safe, accessible, engaging and easy-to-use.

Our technology portfolio consists of three components:

Mechanism of Action

Patients’ favorite, familiar music combined with synchronized optical input delivers targeted rhythmic neurostimulation.

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.”
Edward Teller
“Music is a world within itself
With a language we all understand.”
“Sir Duke” by Stevie Wonder

“From phones to cars to medicine, technology touches every part of our lives. If you can create technology, you can change the world.”

Susan Wojcicki
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